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Hirosaki MOCA

site & time specific museum

CUPは⻘森県弘前市にある築100年のレンガ造の倉庫を改修し、現代美術館とした弘前レンガ倉庫美術館本館・別館の運営企画 、及び建築設計監理を⾏いました。


⾼度な耐震補強と既存の煉⽡壁を内外無傷で保存する⼿法 により、建物の記憶を継承し、未来の時間へと引き延ばす建築を実現しました。

CUP renovated a 100-year-old brick warehouse in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, and managed the operation planning and architectural design supervision of the main building and annex of the Hirosaki Brick Warehouse Museum, which became the Museum of Contemporary Art.

This brick warehouse was built as a brewery by businessman Tosuke Fukushima in the Meiji era, and he thought, "Even if the business fails, these buildings should serve as heritage for the future of the city." It was made. We plan to recreate this architecture, which has been passed down from generation to generation and has become an indispensable feature of the scenery of Hirosaki Yoshino Town, into an art museum after 100 years. It is an attempt to pass on the memory of the brick warehouse that lived with the town to the future, as it is required to be a creative hub for the region as well as to serve as a display facility for contemporary art.

With high seismic retrofitting and a method of preserving existing brick walls intact inside and outside, we have realized a building that inherits the memory of the building and extends it to future time.

Client: Public
Program: Museum
Status: Completed
Location: Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan
Date: 2017-2020 A
rea: 3,079 m²

Architect: Aterior Tsuyoshi Tane Architect
Local Architect: CUP
Project representative: Starts CAM
Museum Management: N&A inc.
Project Management: NTT facilities inc. + NTT Facilities TOHOKU inc.
Structure: Obayashi Corporation + Starts CAM
Lighting: Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design
Engineer: P.T.Morimura & Associates, ltd.
Construction: Starts CAM + Obayashi Corporation + Minami Kensetsu

Photo: Taichi Ano

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