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Mitsubishi UBS Realty

museum in a exhibition







Mitsubishi UBS Retail Fund (MCUBSR), which operates commercial facilities mainly in central Tokyo, such as Omotesando GYRE, Kawasaki Ruflon, MARINE & WALK, and G Building. CUP directed and designed an exhibition to present the activities of MCU BSR at SC Business Fair 2020.

In an exhibition where more than 100 companies have opened stores and information is saturated, the entire space is filtered to create a blank of information. It is an attempt to solve the problem of how to convey abstract corporate philosophy and unspeakable events with high purity.

In addition to owning real estate, we have eliminated textual information in order to insist on the activities of MCUBSR, which is increasing the value of real estate by attracting special programs and planning software events, in the exhibition. , Creating an exhibition consisting only of photographs and landscapes. The space with extremely low information density becomes a singular point in the exhibition and invites visitors to the inside of the space. Inside the red curtain, detailed information on the property and introduction of corporate activities, as well as a space of rich colors studded with plants, will bring further excitement to the viewer.

By designing the concept, space, and graphics in tandem, it is possible to create a deeper experience.

From the outside, a space covered with red curtains suddenly appears. Within the grid-shaped venue, the round shape creates different distances and attracts passers-by. The inside of the red curtain is scattered with photographs and videos, and the plants that are also scattered create the background. A glimpse of bright colors can be seen from the raised part of the curtain.

The interior of the space is completely different from the impression from the outside, and the world covered with bright green is spreading. Textual information that was not visible from the outside emerges, and more information can be obtained. It is divided into soft curved curtains, and the negotiation space, theme division, and back space are separated but coexist.

Client: Mitsubishi UBS-Realty

Concept, Space, Graphic Design and Direction: CUP
Constructed: Taisei Display
Movie design collaborator: Tokyo Pistol.

Photo: Kaihei Akioka

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